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Cuthbert, Georgia




He was as gentle a man as ever lived.

Thank you for your guidance. This is no good. She shed plentiful tears when her beloved dog was killed in an accident.

The fields lay covered with deep snow. It looks like it's working again.

I didn't eat anything for six days. He is not an open book. She avoids me. "Do you, Jesper, take Brett to be your wife?" "I do." Why are you acting like a child? I thought Dori would plant the tulips near the oak tree.

The lights went out. You need someone to help you, don't you? I bet you have to twist your body into uncomfortable positions to be able to apply sunblock to your back. I don't usually snore.

Dani can speak French a little. I spoke to them. I would like it if we could spend more time together. I don't know who did it. We want to keep everybody safe. "Who is there?" she asked without raising her head. He remained silent. Why do you have so many enemies? We've been married for 30 years. It would be unfair if we treated him so badly.

Margie and I talked about various things. I've never seen Jennie wear a hat. This so-called "evil" is something that is thought up by minds who do not understand the dark self. I was afraid of getting lost in the dark. I've done things I'm not proud of. Can you call me a taxi? Wade is a former student of Jane's.

This doesn't taste like pork to me. This is ludicrous. Angela is waiting to take you home. Mike's not very talkative, but to give him his due, you can always count on him. I enjoy being a teacher.

I'm going to make some bread. You shouldn't skip in reading. Everybody had a hard time. It takes an hour to walk to the station. The mayor doesn't do anything but paper over the cracks. In the mountains it is not until the end of April that the snow disappears completely from the ground. Donald doesn't stand a chance of winning. I agree to his plan.

He has been working for two hours. These ties aren't mine. Dan seemed a promising suspect. I know all about cows. I love cows. I suppose everyone thinks I'm crazy. Clem must've died of a stroke. I haven't given them to Dirk yet. They're both good chess players.

Knut is very sneaky.

Imported cars account for less than eight percent. Everything happened so fast.

How do you know so much? That's so much work. I wonder if I should tell Samir the truth. Could I have some water? I have to get off at the next stop. This is all brain dead regurgitation of a lazy theory.

Don't use a big word when a singularly unloquacious and diminutive linguistic expression will satisfactorily accomplish the contemporary necessity. I'm really surprised you got a prize. We still have a problem. Remember Dick's advice. It's a slow day, huh. Thomas is used to staying up late. You heard Kristi, didn't you?

Plenty of friendships are sustainable through dinners and lunches, but will not stand a week away. So be careful who you go on holiday with. Have you lived here? Jem sang me a song. Could we speak French instead? I thought Jarmo liked me. Countless people wait their turn in front of the butcher's. Hirotoshi read my mind perfectly. I listened to him reluctantly. What do you say to playing tennis with me? I have to think about it. I'll try to find another wording.